Tips to Choose the Best Craft Beer for You

Nowadays, the selection of beer has become expanded due to its several choices to choose from hopping in and out of bars. Choosing a tasty craft beer has turned out to be a real form of art done only by some. Because of this, we want to help you by providing some helpful tips in selecting a beer that is best for your taste and needs and to make choosing a beer easier on your following bar encounter. If you’re someone who likes to discover different beer types but dislikes that disappointment of bad recommendation, or you are often confused about the available beer choices, then this article is for you:

The beer list

The moment you get in a bar and ask for highly recommended or bestsellers, you’re likely about to fail. Since service employees are typically busy running around the bar, there is a possibility that they will either recommend the first beer that pops in their mind, beers that are nearly expired, or something on tap. We recommend beginning by asking the beer menu. Usually, menus have a description of the taste of the beer. Though it is a fact that beer is meant to be bitter, you should consider exploring beers that aren’t too bitter, such as White Ale.

Ask the bartender and not the waiter

Once you can’t get something from the menu, you should ask the bartender who can recommend you the best craft beers according to your taste and who’s passionate about craft beers. But make sure to let him/her be aware that you’re searching for the perfect tasty beer.

Divide and conquer

Refrain from going into a bar alone and guarantee to include your friends in the beer drinking journey. Once you taste various beers, you could conceal twice as much beer. Hence, you should try bouncing some ideas back and forth and pick the second one. You should refrain from having a beer that you used to know, rather, you should discover other beers as well.

Consider your palate

It is extremely important to be mindful of the order in which you taste beers. Since we all have distinct taste buds that are liable in observing various flavors like umami, bitter, salty, sour, and sweet. Your taste buds need to be warmed up with a more balanced beer.

Think about your favorites

If you have experienced something new, you should share what you have discovered with your friends. There are actually other beers that taste terrible so you need to ensure to never choose such beers twice on a row. Moreover, you should provide credits to the distillery and the brewer. Craft beers are hand-crafted and dedicated brewers heavily invest in delivering you a beer that they think will suit your taste.

Know that our taste is subjective and personal. Meaning, we can’t suggest similar beers for everyone. Others like it sweet over bitter and the other way around. But it is always encouraged that you should try and explore other beers as well by purchasing some in Nestor Liquor Store.