Front Alarm Points:

Sometimes called "Front Collecting" points, these points are used for analysis and treatment. They are seen as points where the energy of the relevant organs "collect". They are used more in acute diseases, but can also be used in chronic cases. Combining the Back Transport with the Front Alarm points is effective in producing more long lasting therapeutic results. See FRONT ALARM - MU POINTS

Meridian Alarm Point Location
Lung Lung 1 In the first intercostal space, in the centre and app. 3" below the clavicle.
Lg. Intestine: Stomach 25 2" lateral to the umbilicus.
Stomach: CV 12 Anterior midline, 4" above the umbilicus.
Spleen: Liver 13 At the end of the 11th free floating rib.
Heart: CV 14 Anterior midline, 6" above the umbilicus.
Sm.Intestine: CV 4 Anterior midline, 3" below the umbilicus.
Bladder: CV 3 Anterior midline, 1" below the upper border of the pubis synthesis.
Kidney: GallBladder 25 At the end of the 12th free floating rib.
Pericardium: CV 17 On the sternum, level with the 4th intercostal space (level with the nipples).
Triple Warmer: CV 5 2" below the umbilicus.
Gall Bladder: GallBladder 24 Below the nipple, in the 7th intercostal space, one rib space below and slightly lateral to Liver 14.
Liver: Liver 14 On the mammillary line, two ribs below the nipple, in the 6th intercostal space.


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