Also called "Essence", Jing forms the material basis of an individual's life. "Pre-natal Essence" is the fundamental substance of life acquired from the parents at conception, is stored in the Kidneys, and is not replenishable.

"Post-natal Essence" is derived from the air, food, and fluids that we breathe, eat, and drink, and is used to provide us with the energy to perform the functions of life. The surplus of post-natal essence is stored in the Kidneys and to some degree supplements, offsets and postpones the attrition of pre-natal essence.

The best way to positively affect one's Essence is by striving for balance in one's life activities: Balance between work and rest, a balanced, high quality diet, and balance in sexual activity. Any irregularity in these spheres will diminish Essence. A direct way to positively influence one's Essence is through breathing exercises, Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong.


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